Psychic Spy Claims Blaming Network on Abusive Past in Sex Scheme

A psychic spy informed me of his own dirty deeds of getting jobs at any of my own business establishments at which I have been frequenting and at which he has then been filing me as a Co-Op owner plus his own subcontracting salesperson presumably collecting commissions off of my own, in effect, sales actually to myself of my own product purchases at such same establishments but actually deposited into his, not really my, own accounts as cash that he has been bribing his male co-workers into giving him in exchange for his own blow jobs that he has been giving them. All the while, informed such spy further, such spy has been promising his such co-workers never to tell on them, as long as they keep paying him enough money, for not hiring me in spite of my own disability that he has been imposing upon me through psychically disturbing me in the light of laws requiring employers to hire disabled people. Apparently, informed such spy further, such co-workers of his have been thereby keeping themselves from ever proving that all men including themselves can enjoy gay sex, since sex is truly sex only if sex is good, not bad, and, therefore, can be made good regardless of gender, only through preventing themselves from ever having to reveal my own sexual orientation to anyone if ever they should hire me.

Such same psychic spy informed me further of his officially approved participation in a federal government anal sex pain desensitization study, a help-wanted ad of which he had found in a catalog at a certain bank that he had previously owned through stock investments and then had immediately thought to himself, without talking out loud, “Get sex…get paid…great…I’ll do it.” Later, he informed me, he began using me as his research subject in such same federal attempt at improving sex, which, he further informed, naturally beckons for improvement considering how good sex feels to begin with, upon my own 1972 third-grade librarian’s report to the U.S. Department of Education about my own first kiss in life right there in front of such same librarian and at such very same time also in front of other classmates of mine upon one of the cheeks of one of my own male classmates and my subsequent lack of experiencing any more types of any more love-making activities with anyone, including such same boy, not even just one kiss from anyone, not even him.

In 1981, at the age of 14, continued such spy, such spy had gotten an office job in the human resources department of what is now, as of 1986, called Paramount’s Kings Island (at that time called just Kings Island) and had then gotten me hired immediately just by saying, “Hire him,” after I had just then finished hand-filling out my such job application form in such same office, where he later retrieved my same such form off of such office floor and then took such form, which he claimed had a problem, to Washington, D.C. to the U.S. Social Security Administration main frame computer, which already had been programmed with punch cards in the same office in which he then loudly yelled out that a fire had started causing someone to call, for some reason that he never determined, the Maryland, not Washington, D.C., fire department while he continued staying inside such same office all alone after, apparently to him, all the other workers in such same building had already departed from such building for the night in their response to such presumed emergency.

Meanwhile, such spy, according to his further information, proceeded to steal from such computer the punch cards identifying the business of the Ohio located Walnut Park Corporation in a contract with Kings Island and Taft Broadcasting that was supposed to last from 1975 to not a year beyond 1980, such data of which he had then managed to conceal through his same such punch card theft, thereby making such computer have to locate such Walnut Park Corporation data, then, in effect, dateless, in the course of computing my such Kings Island job application and, in such computation, file me as having gotten a job not really at Kings Island itself but, instead, at such Walnut Park Corporation, as if still in a contract with Kings Island. Then, in the morning, he went on to inform further, when the fire department had arrived and had then let him out of such building, he went back, without ever going back to Kings Island, to his own home in Ohio where he reported me as a missing person to the U.S. Coast Guard in conjunction with another, older missing-person report of myself that one of my own high school classmates’ aunts had delivered to the Kings Island human resources department in her unsuccessful attempts at using her own secret filming of me and others as arousing coercions into making me and another one of my high school classmates have sex with each other just for her to produce and sell child pornography.

Such spy informed further that he had thereby used such two missing person reports of myself to secure his job at Kings Island and that he is, indeed, such same other high school classmate, having had reported, back in 1975, such same adult’s negligence against him in having had left him all alone and, therefore, lost inside such relatively large park premises, on purpose, judging by how he “could hear her blabbing psychically or something and didn’t know what was going on,” to such same human resources office workers, where he begged such office workers to tell him how such person was actually spying on him and then one of them secretly gave him the device, which looked like a phone, as it was small and light and fit in the palm of his hands, and then “jacked it off in front of him,” making him think that “it was a dick.”

When, he went on to inform further, he had asked such worker, a young, handsome man, for money because, since “he didn’t really do it” with him, he knew that such worker was going to bribe him, such worker refused to give him any money and then he shoved him down to the ground and then, with his knee, shoved such device through such same office back door and then ran out and grabbed the device, which he called “the dick” just to keep those workers from ever accusing him of ever having had any sex with them against their will, as such accusations against him had already happened to him in other offices where he had held other jobs in other parks, including Coney Island, which, located right next to Kings Island, had already branched off of Kings Island because he had already worked there and because such was the Kings Island location of live singing shows, in which he knew that I could have entertained, for he had known all along that I had always wanted to be a singer just from witnessing my own demeanor and love of music and that he now still thinks that everyone else knew it all along, too, but does not know why no one has ever done anything about it.

Later, according to such spy’s further information, in 1985, such spy, then 18 years old, brought with him to, apparently to him, a U.S. Army recruitment office such same missing person finder device, which, upon his showing of such same device to, apparently to him as well, a U.S. Army recruiter, had apparently given him a way to successfully join what he has been thinking all along has been the real U.S. Army, but, he further informed, at this point in time, he does not really know for sure who such recruiter ever really was nor does he know what he has ever really been doing all along since then and is now wondering whether or not he actually had been court marshalled instead of ever really honored at all immediately upon his completion of his filling out of his such office paperwork that had then been immediately stamped as “joined” after which he had then immediately cheered and praised God only for him then to immediately hear from some unidentifiable to him location the voice of someone whom he had no way of identifying saying that such behavior on his part was “not really good” and that he “better stop that,” apparently to him, through such same “psychic phone in his ear, in a way.” At that point in time, he informed further, he knew that the U.S. Army had schemed him into joining something that he had suddenly stopped caring about anymore.

Right then, he informed further, he found information about me recorded in a file documenting me as if I had ever been and still was a real U.S. Army member, and, to this day, he has never found out how anybody could have ever filed my own identity in such an erroneous way. Then, he continued informing, in a quest of his to literally find my actual whereabouts, he officially filed himself as a Co-Op establishment owner under the non-profit entity name, “Walnut Park,” on one of a large group of many different kinds of blank business and non-profit entity forms that such workers possessed in what they called “file form folders (all caps).”

Later, in 1989, he informed further, while he was still, since having had first arrived at such same location, an amazingly to him relatively humongous building, in which he, always indoors and alone and continually crying about usually finding himself terribly lost only to find yet another empty room in which to dwell, was residing, including rooming, boarding, albeit never to discover any of the always seemingly magically appearing food’s sources, and exercising, all of which he hated, he officially filed me as a Co-Op co-owner of his just for him to find me so that he could successfully escape from such severe oppression, as his plan all along had been to join the U.S. Army just to escape from it. To this day, he further informed, he thinks that he was able to later find me only because in such same year I had been attending Cincinnati Technical College in a Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation sponsored program of helping me go back to work in the face of having become, while working at DynCorp & Subsidiaries in a contract with the U.S. Center of Disease Control National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to find chemicals, disabled, in 1987, after having had started hearing psychic disturbances, apparently, he informed, of his own self, apparently, he informed further, having had at such time already, unbeknownst to him, found me, apparently, he further informed, through his own 1981 U.S. Coast Guard missing person report about me. At such time, he informed further, he had not known that the person with whom he had been blabbing through his “psychic phone” had been myself, the very person whom he had been trying to find in the first place.

After I had begun taking my own leave of absence from such job just for me to recover from what doctors had begun diagnosing, in their verbal reports directly to my face, as my own “nervous breakdown” caused by “stress” and then had gone back to such job working only part-time while highly medicated on super strong extra-numbing tranquilizer drugs medically designed to keep me from “hearing voices,” such spy, according to his further information, had arrived at such very same office, just after which, at such same company’s local headquarters on Marburg Avenue, he had gotten hired through a certain job application that such same human resources department manager, the same man, according to such spy, who had, in 1987, also handed me a job application and then also had interviewed and then also had hired me, had already given him about a year before then, in 1986, in another job interview of his in such same office.

Right after, informed such spy further, such spy’s first interview at such same office, such spy handwrote upon planting, for me to find, at the Northern Kentucky University Career Development Center, a presumed help-wanted notice presumably from such same company inside one of the student-access job vacancy binders located in one of the student-access job search office bookcase shelves, the same notice that I later discovered when I was looking for a job at such same center after having graduated from such same school in that same year of 1986.

Such spy, such spy informed further, was surprised to find himself starting, for the first time in his life, giving blow jobs, at such same time of such same second interview, at such same Marburg Avenue company office, beginning with such same interviewer, who then immediately hired, “on the spot,” as it were, such same man, whose application such interviewer had “pulled out of his drawers,” as it were as well, just prior to such interview, laughing and praising God that he had “found that man,” such very words of which such spy had witnessed such interviewer saying right there in front of him on the phone apparently to somebody listening, who was going to give him “blow jobs for life.”

Such spy further informed me that in 1986 he got Kings Island to name-change to Paramount’s Kings Island for anyone to blame ABC on his own psychic spy activities against me not really just because such illegal spying feels to victims of such spying like live television broadcasters pointing live cameras at and live reporters live-interrogating them but, moreover, because such spy has been wanting to seek revenge against ABC ever since his own early childhood only because his own father owned ABC and also, at such same time, continually physically and verbally abused him with such sadistic ridicule as calling him a girl and, as a result, he concluded that ABC might have been the only cause of his own father’s such cruel mistreatment towards him.

Such company name-change had occurred, such spy informed further, because he had sued Kings Island for paying him less than the legal minimum-allowed wages and, from such law suit, was almost awarded a huge sum of money, but when Kings Island representatives told him that the only way that they would ever allow him to keep his such law suit award would be if he officially agreed to completely and permanently stop drinking any more alcohol, he turned down such award and passed such award over to his counter-suing representatives, who then ruled that, for Kings Island to be acquitted of having had ever sold any alcohol to anyone on the same premises and at the same time at which such spy had been employed at his then young adult age of 18, significantly younger than the legal minimum age at which anyone was allowed to drink any alcohol, he would have to succumb to a court-ordered change to his official birth certificate recorded birth year thereby legally lowering his age by four years to 14 for Kings Island then to have been allowed to have paid him what would then have amounted to wages fit for only a minor, not ever an adult, an official records change about which such representatives also court-ordered at such same time that such spy must officially agree with them that he would never tell anyone anything at all for the rest of his life.

Such spy, such spy further informed, had been secretly working with his father on such a law suit against Kings Island throughout most of his own childhood in a secret scheme of his and his father of suing Kings Island just to take such company’s alcohol, to which he and his father had become addicted, all the while never revealing to his father that his own plan was not really ever to earn any profits selling any alcohol at all to anyone but, instead, was to take such alcohol away from his father just to prevent his father from abusing him anymore.

Another spy began informing such spy and me that she herself is such spy’s own mother and that, for several months, she already had been spying on Kings Island with such same psychic phone device when she, upon discovering that her own son had lost such law suit, had secretly gone to Kings Island’s accounting office and then had secretly opened such office’s safe using her own knowledge about such safe’s door lock combination, which she had been secretly witnessing Kings Island employees dialing in their own continual routine tasks of unlocking and then opening such same safe, and then had taken from such safe a physically uncountably to her large amount of cash, which, she further informed, no Kings Island employees have ever been able to justify any way of taking back from her because they would then have to publicly admit that none of them had ever, through simply awarding to him in the first place his own well-deserved money, protected her very own son from his own alcohol addictions, regardless of any of his own personal reactions to any of such award obligations, in such a law suit on which she had been spying on him working and that she had been simultaneously secretly planning on him winning just for her to successfully boycott alcohol thereby raising alcohol taxes and then blowing up all of the American breweries with a bomb that would isolate onto breweries only through being attracted to alcohol in the same way that such psychic phone device is, she further informed, attracted to certain people thereby presumed to be alcoholics based on their own bodies’ presumably relatively high alcohol levels, which, in some people, such as myself, might actually be, as far as I am concerned, natural addiction-blocking biochemicals and/or, as far as she informed herself of being concerned, build-ups of liver alcohols elevated, in my case, from certain relatively frequent 1981-1982 freshman college dormitory classmate coerced temporary drinking excursions, and then taking all of such then-destroyed breweries’ alcohol and, finally, starting a business of selling such alcohol worldwide, thereby becoming the world’s richest woman.

Stephen Richards

Psychic Spy Victim

Date of First Original Writing: April 09, 2019